Paper with watermarks

Office paper

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak offers high quality pure cellulose watermarked multipurpose paper: Piramida, Reshetka, Bordure, Snezhinka, Riabinka, Landysh, Romashka, Verge designed for offset printing of forms of various documents as well as to be used in copying machines, laser and inkjet printing devices.

It suits the purposes of producing business correspondence, letter headed paper etc. perfectly.

Paper with individual watermarks may be applied for manufacturing letter headed paper; it contributes to creating a company's own original and delicate style.

The paper mill produces letterhead paper under the order of any organization. The customers official logo, a portrait, a drawing depicting commemorative data or a neutral image of the watermark offered by the customer or the specialists of the paper mill may be an individual watermark.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak guarantees high product quality, order confidentiality and elimination of a possibility of application of the watermark image for another customer.

The paper is suitable for offset printing, using printing and copying devices. It is produced in webs and sheets A3, A4 with the weight of from 70 up to 120 g/m², white or toned.

Paper for copying devices

Office paper for copying devices is designed for copying using various types of office equipment. It is white or toned according to the customers order of 100% bleached pulp. It is produced in webs.

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