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Graphic paper

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak offers graphic paper of A type (Goznaks Whatman paper) with the weight of from 170 g/m² up to 240 g/m² of all necessary sizes from A1 to A4, as well as in webs. The web width and diameter may be agreed with the customer.

Graphic paper of A type suits the purposes of drawing and graphic works in ink, pencil and watercolors. Its peculiarity is in the fact that it preserves its surface characteristics even after multiple erasures.

Transparent graphic paper is applied for drawing in pencil and ink as well as copying of drawings with various means.

The same paper may be applied for following printing of the coordinate grid on it.

The paper is produced of sulphate bleached softwood pulp and cotton materials. The paper is manufactured in webs and small rolls with spinning of up to 40 m. The offered sizes are: 420, 640, 880 m and others upon request.

Painting paper is designed for working with all kinds of water-soluble inks, wet surface and dry surface techniques. The paper is produced of 100% bleached pulp with various cotton contents. The paper surface is coarse and thick with a distinctive peculiarity granularity. Such structural properties allow obtaining deep and intense colour of the image. Thanks to its properties, painting paper endures washouts, erasures, is capable of filling the depth of the ink layer and preserving its brightness, and possesses soft aesthetic facture.

The paper is produced with the weight of from 200 g/m² up to 280 g/m².