Before the revolution there were two museums at the Expedition of Storing State Papers: one was at the Papermaking Department, the other was at the Testing Department.

The first museum was founded in 1897 by N.A. Reztsov, an engineer and technologist who was Head of the Papermaking Department of the Expedition at the time. It was the first museum of the papermaking business in Russia. It demonstrated the development of the papermaking industry in the country and in particular at the Expedition of Storing State Papers. Collections of samples of raw materials and paper of both the Russian and foreign mills were exhibited here. The exposition of samples of paper with watermarks was a special ornament of the museum.

At the museum at the Testing Department of the Expedition one could see samples of state papers (banknotes, bond certificates, promissory notes etc.), illustrated editions printed at the Expedition, samples of electrotype artistic products.

The museums operated at the enterprise till 1919. During that period the Printing and Engraving Artistic Departments were moved to Moscow, the exhibits of the museums were moved together with them. They are kept at the Special Fund of Goznak today.

In 1977 a museum reflecting the history of the organization and development of the Leningrad Paper Mill of Goznak was opened at the Mill.

Today the visitors can see the exposition representing a unified display area in four chambers with the area of about 200 square meters. The materials exhibited in the chambers are connected chronologically and embrace the historical period since the time of Peter the Great till our days. Text and illustrating materials will let the visitors to tour the museum without a guide. Rare examples of lithophany, paper molds, samples of paper with watermarks as well as application of computer engineering as presentation equipment have allowed to create a modern exposition.

The history of state papers starting with the appearance of stamped paper, currency reforms of the 18th and the 19th centuries of the Expedition of Storing State Papers during the first century of its operation is presented in the first chamber. The writing desk and the armchair of Head of the Expedition Duke B.B. Golitsyn occupy a special place in the chamber.

The second chamber is dedicated to the operation of the enterprise at the beginning of the 20th century. The photographic materials give an insight into how the paper was formatted manually; all the Departments of the Expedition: Papermaking, Printing, Engraving Artistic and Maintenance and Mechanic. Printed editions of the unique enterprise are displayed in the showcase. On the photographs here one can see the Theater of the Expedition, its Technical School, the Church, the Shop and other departments of the Expedition of Storing State Papers.

The third chamber is connected with the soviet period of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak and its present operation. The promotional products of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” are displayed in one of the showcases.

The visitors have an opportunity to fix the time of their arrival and departure from the museum on the antique time-clock on a special card.

Paper with watermarks is exhibited in the fourth chamber of the museum. Stamped paper manufactured in the 18-19th centuries, paper for documents and banknotes, postal paper, paper molds and watermarks with the portraits of political leaders, writers and poets, and images of place of interest can be observed here. Currency notes produced first at the Expedition of Storing State Papers and later on during the soviet period at Association “Goznak” are displayed in the showcase of the chamber. Lithophanies (wax copies) of paintings by Aivazovskiy, Giorgione carried out by the artists of Goznak are an ornament of the chamber.

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