Production capacities

Production capacities

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill – Branch of Goznak is equipped with cutting-edge highly efficient machines and innovative technologies. Combined with high professionalism of the specialists employed at the Paper Mill, they enable to execute large volumes of complicated orders.

Today the material and technical basis includes three papermaking machines which enable to execute large volumes of orders for the inner and international market, produce a wide range of high-quality sorts of paper.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill produces banknote and other sorts of security paper with watermarks and various security elements protecting it against counterfeiting, manufactures industrial sorts of paper: map, diagram paper, paper basis for foamed vinyl wall coverings, siliconization basis etc.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill offers painting and drawing paper to its customers.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak is equipped with machines on which chalk-coated paper is produced, including sorts with the application of a layer of glue for the production of gummed paper for postage stamps.

Supercalender stacks of the Paper Mill ensure the production of chalk-coated and gummed sorts of paper with high level of smoothness.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill produces paper with laminated foil and roll self-adhesive paper.

The culture of paper products manufacturing is to a large extent determined by the paper cutting quality. The paper edge cuttings should be even and clean, without creases, dust or burrs.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill uses the most cutting-edge equipment where document, banknote paper and paper with watermarks are cut and sorted.

All the Paper Mill’s products are packed according to the international standards, depending on the consumers’ requirements and the conditions of shipment and storing.

The Paper Mill possesses a pilot production site equipped with modern machines, which makes it possible to execute small-scale wholesale orders for the production of paper with individual watermarks.

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill guarantees high quality of paper security products highly demanded at the Russian and international markets.

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