A monument made of a roll of the Saint-Petersburg paper 24 2014

A monument made of a roll of the Saint-Petersburg paper

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill is a partner of the Printing Materials exhibition taking place in Saint-Petersburg within the framework of the European Manifesta 10 Modern Art Biennale.

The exhibition is attracting attention to the problem of paper carriers disappearance, all-encompassing text digitalization and offers the case analysis via works of the Russian, European and American artists. Their reflections upon the destiny of hand-made works in the world of digital technologies are shown in seven objects and installations.

Thus, an American artist Luke Stetner has erected a monument to paper. A roll of offset paper produced at the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak is installed on a cuneal platform and a few stone cogs prevent its moving.

A white roll of industrial paper reflects the process of time marking and history recording. A roll or a circle is a Platonic shape. Plato understood time as an image of eternity representing a circle where the true existence is locked; the nature of time in the shape of a circle is characterized by stippling, instantaneousness which is the present. Here the idleness of the paper roll and its integrity bear the potential of development into something definite, said Luke Stetner, the author of the work.

Due to the increased interest to the exhibition, its operation which was planned till August 24 at first, is prolonged till August 31.

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