An exhibition of works of the oldest artist of Goznak12 июля 2013 года

An exhibition of works of the oldest artist of Goznak

Leonid Simonovskiy’s permanent exhibition is very popular among the workers of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill.

Leonid Meerovich Simonovskiy is the oldest artist of Goznak. He had worked as an artist in the watermark workshop of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill for 55 years. In August 2012 the artist celebrated his 80th anniversary and retired.

A unique specialist, an artist and lithophanist, he created watermarks for the most part of his life. But that was at the Paper Mill. Outside it, he set to watercolours.  

Leonid Simonovskiy’s works decorate Dostoyevskiy’s Museum in Saint-Petersburg and one of the museums of fine arts in the city of Mogilev where the artist was born.

He has taken part in many exhibitions of the Commonwealth of Artists of Russia an active member of which he is. The artist has also had personal exhibitions too.

There are about 30 works at the exhibition – the sights of Saint-Petersburg, a country house, a village on a hill, a view from the window, landscapes…  
An attentive observer will note a peculiarity of all the paintings at once – a light blur, a gauze of the image.

- I don’t paint naturality. It is very well expressed by photofraphs. I express feelings in my paintings.

The exhibition at the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak is only a small part of Simonovskiy’s works. The management of the Paper Mill is planning to enlarge the exhibition.
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