In September 2013 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak celebrated the 195th anniversary of foundation30 2013

In September 2013 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak celebrated the 195th anniversary of foundation

In September 2013 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak celebrated the 195th anniversary of foundation.

For the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill Branch of Goznak the jubilee has a particular meaning. Our team works at Fontanka, 144, at the site of the Expedition of Storing State Papers founded in 1818.  

On September 4, 1818 (August 21, old style) by the order of Emperor Alexander I the Expedition of Storing State Papers under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance of Russia was founded. That was how the manufacture of the first fully-featured Russian paper money and the production of paper with high security levels for the state demands was started.  

An impulse to the foundation of the unique enterprise even from todays point of view, was a money intervention of Napoleon that flooded the country with counterfeited banknotes prior to his invasion to Russia. The blow upon the Russian economy was not less destructive than the losses suffered by the country in fighting Napoleons army, as a result of fires, human and material losses.  

An outstanding Russian engineer of the Spanish origin Augustine de Betancourt entrusted to project and later to build the new enterprise laid the basis of its future prosperity. He created a unitary production site embracing all stages of money production from sheet formation till its design development and further printing. It was an outstanding novelty of organizing the operation of similar enterprises. It also makes Goznak competitive today, almost two centuries after its foundation.  

The Expedition soon grew into a progressive enterprise of the time and became the best enterprise in the paper and printing production in Russia of the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Many outstanding scientists, inventors, engineers and artists contributed their talent and labor to the development and prosperity of the Expedition of Storing State Papers.

In 1839 an outstanding Russian natural philosopher and electrician B.S. Jakobi announced the invention of electrotype, in a year he created the first in the world electrotype workshop for copying copper clichés at the Expedition. In 1863 the Expedition invited a great artist and photographer G.I. Skamoni from Germany. He soon became the head master of the photographic arts and geliogravure and kept the occupation for almost thirty years. Among Skamonis inventions there is a verifying device the first device for detecting counterfeited banknotes in history.  

In 1896 at the Imperial Russian Technical Society I.I. Orlov, an engineer of the Expedition made a report about the invention of multi-ink printing. The invention, just like other technical solutions offered and realized by the specialists of the Expedition still affects the technology of banknote production and is still applied in security printing.  

It is easy to see that since the moment of foundation and till now the history of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak (thats how the Expedition has been called since 1919) has not been interrupted for a day in either the legal sense or the human dimension, which is not less important.  

The technical and artistic schools of our enterprise providing the continuity of its work, constant development and technical perfection have been created with efforts of many scientists, artists, engineers and organizers.  

Since 1919, when its main production capacities the Expedition of Storing State Papers has been called Goznak; its been well-known and has enjoyed deserved renown not only in our country.  

Today Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak is an innovative company that has preserved and multiplied the traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, is one of the five leading companies producing banknote and security products, coins and state awards in the world. It competes at the Russian and international markets of security product manufacturers successfully.  

The Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill Branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of security papers as well as a broad assortment of industrial kinds of paper.

Our factory is the first state-run industrial enterprise in Russia manufacturing special state and banknote sorts of paper no country, company or organization can do without.

the demand in security paper grows every year. More and more companies realize the necessity to secure their documents and first of all with the help of special paper with watermarks, special fibers, metalized threads, elements of chemical and other kinds of security.

the unique paper production renders it possible to produce practically any sorts of paper, including paper with exclusive strength characteristics and increased wear-resistance. The assortment of products includes paper for [printing and drawing, technical, drawing, about 100 sorts totally.

We guarantee that the products of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak compete with products manufactured both in Russia and abroad successfully in quality and price.

Reliability and responsibility are a style of work of the team of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak and our business-card.
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