Duke Golitsyn has come back to Rizhskaya Street20 апреля 2015 года

Duke Golitsyn has come back to Rizhskaya Street

By the decree of the Government of Saint-Petersburg signed by the City Governor G.S. Poltavchenko, Gymnasium No. 278 – the legal successor of the Technical School of the Expedition of Storing State Papers (Goznak since 1919) has been named after Duke Boris Borisovich Golitsyn.

Duke Golitsyn was the Administrator of the Expedition of Storing State Papers since 1899 until 1905. This period is called the Silver Age of Goznak.  

An outstanding Russian scientist, an academician, the originator of the Russian seismology and seismometry, the author of the project of the secondary school reform, a descendant of a noble ancient family, one of the best educated and most talented people of his time, Duke Golitsyn transformed the Expedition of Storing State Papers into an exemplary artistic and technical, paper and printing production site equipped with the best machinery of the time. It was under his initiative that in 1903, a special building was constructed in Rizhskaya Street and a technical school with nine classes was founded. In 2013, being Gymnasium No. 278 already, it celebrated its 110th anniversary.

It was a pioneering educational establishment of the time, there were no similar schools in Saint-Petersburg. The children of workers studied there free of charge, moreover, they were not only taught the professions demanded at the Expedition, but received a large-scale education. Its graduates could continue their studies at higher educational establishments. The collective training for boys and girls was also new for Russia.  

110 years have passed. During the time, the school turned into a factory-and-plant one, then it became a city secondary school, later – a special school for in-depth study of German. In 2013 the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill and Gymnasium No. 278 signed a long-term co-operation agreement.  

The personality of B.B. Golitsyn is significant for the almost 200-year history of Goznak. It was under his supervision that the 8-hour working day was introduced at the Expedition. There was an infirmary with 44 beds, a shop, a theater, a technical library, a reading-room and a club for the workers of the Expedition. It was under his initiative that a nursery for the children of the employees of the Expedition was opened. 30 babies and 30 children from 2 to 6 were accepted there. They were in full care of the Expedition. The first in Russia pensionary pay office was founded to replace the previous supportive pay office for paying pensions, one-time allowances and loans to its participants and their families. Golitsyn broadened the engraving department. The expedition was rightfully considered to be the best printing enterprise in Russia.  

In Duke Golitsyn’s opinion, the Expedition should serve the aims of enlightenment and cultural and esthetic development of the peoples of Russia. Golitsyn invited outstanding artists and scientists, and books of the highest artistic level were published at the Expedition. In particular, the famous Russian folk fairy-tales illustrated by Ivan Bilibin saw the light. Books, albums, calendars and postcards published during the period of Duke Golitsyn’s supervision are among the rare Russian editions today.
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