Right up there. A battle of jokes20 2014

Right up there. A battle of jokes

The team of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak had prepared for the semifinal strenuously for a long time. The first audition took place at the end of the spring, and after a short break the cheerful and sharp-witted team started working upon the new program.

We work with tutors Mikhail and Olga. They are professionals in the field of jokes they refine our ideas, write jokes for each of us and help us to put the performance on the stage. We rehearse with or without them after work we start at about five and often leave after nine oclock in the evening, said Anastasia Surina, a participant of the team and a marketing specialist of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill. This time, as always, we wanted to win, but on the day of the game we had doubts we could take the first place. A couple of hours before the performance, during the general rehearsal supervised by the editor some of the parts were taken out of our program. It abated our spirits somewhat, and we couldnt collect our thoughts for a long time.

According to the editor and the tutors, GO Sign team works wonders on the stage. They can act somewhat relaxed during the rehearsal, but they collect themselves in front of the audience and are fully stretched.

The semifinal victory was especially pleasant because the team had serious rivals. For example, the team of Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg has participated for a few years already and became the champion of the season of 2013. GO Sign has existed for a little more than a year. The team participants has changed, and today 6 ladies Tatiana Plitina, Anastasia Surina, Maria Demkova, Victoria Sidorova, Yulia Borilkevich and a gentleman Maxim Shibalov make jokes and laugh on the stge.
On December 13 Goznaks team will participate in the final battle for the title of the best team of the Club of Cheerful and Sharp-Witted of Saint-Petersburg. According to the participants, the preparation takes a lot of time. Besides the major rehearsals and brainstorming for jokes, the requisite should also be prepared. They mostly make it themselves. For example, they used plastic garden net and a pink plaid for the costume for Rapunzel after shower.

At first we like all our parts, but the more rehearsals, the more the eye gets soaped. In this game the musical part was my favourite we sang about women of thirty and that life only begins at this age, as well as a performance where we showed a professional womans support team.  The Club of Cheerful and Sharp-Witted attracts, noted Anastasia Surina. Although sometimes, right before the game my nerves are shot, and I want to say that I will never participate again and give it up after the performance. But these thoughts disappear when were on the stage and hear laughter, applauds, and later on words of thanks and the jurys appraisal. Now were in a battle mood, weve shown good results at the semifinal and we must put up a good show at the final. We will do everything possible and a little bit of impossible. We will probably have to pass the nights at the rehearsals.
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